Labiaplasty In Toowoomba, Brisbane & The Gold Coast

labiaplasty surgery - Dr Mark Magnusson


Labiaplasty is a procedure most commonly used to address prominent labia minora, but also to address scars associated with episiotomy or tears during childbirth and prominent clitoral hooding. The appearance of the vulva (external genitalia) has received far greater scrutiny with the trend towards reduced genital hair and the ready access to images online. It is important to appreciate that many of these images are “airbrushed” and that the normal appearance of the vulva has a broad range and most people who consider this surgery do in fact have normal external genitalia. For some they may be considering this surgery because they have been led to believe that their own anatomy differs from what would be considered normal. For this group of patient’s reassurance and not surgery may be the key.

Labiaplasty surgery removes the feeling of discomfort during sports activities or during intimate activities and enables women to wear tight underwear and fitted clothes. The majority of patients who presented initially with symptoms of irritation and inflammation will have a gratifying resolution of these symptoms.
For some women there are adjunctive procedures that may include reduction of and excessively long clitoral hood and tightening or volumising the labia majora.

labiaplasty procedure - Dr Magnusson

The Procedure

Before labiaplasty surgery, you will have a consultation and an examination with Associate Professor Magnusson at his Toowoomba or Gold Coast surgery. During your consultation, it is important to ask any questions that you may have about Labiaplasty surgery. A/Prof Magnusson will take the time to understand what you are hoping your end result to be, before explaining the surgical technique and options available to you.

The aim of surgery is to create a more even and appealing vulva (external genital organs of the female). Surgery is most frequently used to address elongated labia minora which reduce irritation and inflammation associated with increased prominence. Less frequently women will have surgery to reduce their clitoral hood to increase sexual stimulation.

Under law in Queensland, Labiaplasty surgery is undertaken in an accredited hospital. Surgery can be performed under local anaesthetic or with a general anaesthetic. Surgery is performed as a day procedure.

During the procedure, the excess tissue is excised from the labia minora, so they no longer extend past the labia majora. Dr Magnusson uses absorbable sutures which mean that the sutures will not need to be removed following surgery.


Undertaking cosmetic surgery (also known as aesthetic plastic surgery) is an intensely personal and private decision that can very positive effects. Success comes from helping individual patients clarify their goals and then creating a bespoke plan to achieve them. With a combination of communication, experience and knowledge, A/Prof Mark Magnusson has helped many patients across Brisbane, Toowoomba and Gold Coast. Let Dr Magnusson help you with your aesthetic journey.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Labiaplasty Surgery?

We find women from Toowoomba, Brisbane and the Gold Coast who experience different degrees of labial hypertrophy or elongation with irritation are often suitable candidates for his surgery. Most patients want labiaplasty surgery to decrease the size of their labia minora.

Suitable candidates are women who:

  • Have concerns about the appearance of their labia.
  • Understand the risks related to the procedure.
  • Are emotionally and physically healthy.
  • Have a large labia, loose minora or stretched vagina.
  • Have realistic expectations.
  • Are wanting a Labiaplasty for their own reasons, not someone else’s.

Request a labiaplasty consultation in Toowoomba or the Gold Coast

If you’re considering labiaplasty, you can request a consultation with A/Prof Magnusson in either his Toowoomba or Gold Coast clinics. He has seen patients from Brisbane and throughout Queensland and can also provide information regarding other procedures, including liposuction, abdominoplasty and breast augmentation.