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Cosmetic Surgery Perth

Surgical procedures for your face, body and breasts

When you choose Dr Anh for your surgery, you’re not just choosing a specialist plastic surgeon with over a decade of experience in plastic surgery: you’re choosing someone who truly cares about your entire transformative experience. Be empowered to uncover the best version of you in a safe, understanding environment where your needs are prioritised. Dr Anh strives for perfection when it comes to your treatments and will always ensure that you’re happy with the end result. Her multi-award winning facilities are conveniently located in Crown Metropol, where people visit from many surrounding areas to experience her caring and professional nature.

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Dr Anh

“A technical outcome is only part of successful treatment. I want patients to leave my practice feeling special about what they’ve been through; and empowered to live their life more comfortably.

Dr Anh


A proud mother and accomplished plastic surgeon, Dr Anh believes you should celebrate your achievements and be proud of your body, and while plastic surgery isn’t the final solution, it can help you to achieve your desired look. Dr Anh’s extensive education and experience means you will receive only the highest quality care and service.

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Dr Anh’s contribution to International women’s day

‘Empower’ by Dr Anh

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Dr Anh Nguyen

Dr Anh is our principal surgeon, and a leader in her field. She won the Telstra Women’s Business Entrepreneur of the Year Award WA, and is regularly approached to present at conferences and comment on industry issues.

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Dr Rob Choa

Dr Rob Choa is a Plastic Surgeon who has practiced at some of the most prestigious hospitals in the UK. Dr Rob performs otoplasty, liposuction, blepharoplasty, and gynaecomastia surgeries at Dr Anh’s clinic.

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Dr Aleks Kaddour

Dr Aleks is an experienced cosmetic physician with a background in dermatology, general practice, women’s health and cosmetic medicine. She offers skin treatments, injectables, minimally invasive surgical

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