Wrinkle Relaxers


Wrinkle relaxers - anti-wrinkle injections at Allure clinic in Toowoomba


Dynamic facial muscle movement over time can cause the overlying skin to crease where these folds occur, leaving the skin with an unwanted line or furrow. The most common areas where these can be seen are around the eyes, mouth, forehead or frown area (glabella).

At Allure Clinic we specialise in using natural, purified wrinkle relaxers protein to address these forms of wrinkles. We aim to give the most natural results achievable, as no one wants to look overdone or frozen. We achieve this by treating each patient with doses that will adequately relax the muscle and wrinkle whilst maintaining their natural features.

Younger patients may need fewer injections, where older patients may need more. Each patient is assessed according to the depth and severity of their lines and a tailored treatment protocol is delivered.


Patient Results

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