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    Accelerated Candidate Engagement

    TurboRecruit is the most advanced recruitment management platform in the market. It
    is used by both recruitment agencies and HR professionals.


    Everything in one place – easily seen
    and never lost. Automate recurrent
    and mundane tasks.


    TurboRecruit is a solution-based platform
    configured around your specific
    recruitment process needs.


    TurboRecruit intelligently matches
    candidates to job vacancies. Mine the
    wealth of the candidates you have!

    Cloud Access

    Turborecruit is deployed as a
    Software-as-a-Service (SaaS),
    “on-demand” software and is entirely
    “Cloud-based” software

    Intelligent search

    AI enables a world-first combination of an
    applicant-tracking system and an artificial
    intelligence resume parsing, searching
    and matching engine.

    Applicant Tracking

    The recruiter can then to deliver
    high-grade candidates, and help with
    the final selection and assignment process

    Turbo advances your
    recruitment with ease

    Proudly conceived, developed and hosted in Australia for over 10
    years. With it’s advanced machine learning systems Turbo gives
    you empowers you with features such as:

    Advanced productivity
    Local development team advances your productivity with new tools
    deployed monthly.

    Performance and security.
    Local hosting team advances your performance and security.

    Job multi-posting
    Direct job multi-posting advances candidate attraction.

    Skills and knowledge.
    Local support team advances your skills and knowledge.

    Talent pool screening
    Intelligent candidate and talent pool screening advances
    talent acquisition success.

    Cloud and mobile integrations.
    Keeping you in the forefront of technology with advanced cloud and
    mobile integrations.

    TurboRecruit Overview

    Turborecruit is an online recruitment system, cloud based recruitment database, applicant tracking system.

    For the agency recruiter

    Sophisticated semantic matching engine to analyse resumes and rank them against the vacancy criteria, thus producing accurate recommendations more quickly and effectively

    • Perm, Temp And Contract Processes
    • Customisable Recruitment Process
    • Executive Recruitment
    • Large Volume Recruitment
    • Screening Processes
    • Multiple Searching Technologies
    • Applicant Tracking
    • Job Posting
    • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
    • Social Media Integration

    For the corporate recruiter

    Focused on the recruitment process requirements of businesses that need to source their own candidates or that use one or multiple recruitment agencies to acquire talent.

    • Requisition Management
    • Internal Approvals
    • Vendor Management
    • Full Recruitment Solution
    • Job Posting
    • Careers Site Management
    • Social Media Integration And Management
    • Intelligent
    • High Volume Capacity
    • Flexible Workflow Module

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