Qualifying for Membership

Membership of the College is at the discretion of the Membership Committee and the Board. The level at which you enter the college will be assessed and determined by the Membership Committee and is based on your level of education, experience and expertise and your contributions to journals, conferences, the training and education of others in the field of cosmetic medicine.

Qualifying for Fellowship

Registered medical practitioners qualifying for Fellowship must have at least 5 years’ full time-equivalent of cosmetic medical practice and/or successful completion of a fellowship-level training course in cosmetic medicine as approved by the Board. They must have wide-ranging experience and expertise in multiple modalities of cosmetic medicine to the satisfaction of the Membership Committee.

Qualifying for Full Membership

Registered medical practitioners who have had at least one year’s full time-equivalent experience in a range of cosmetic medical practice may qualify for Full Membership. Their experience and expertise will be of a level that the Membership Committee feels is less than that of a Fellow but worthy of recognition as a Full Member.

Qualifying as a Corresponding Member

Registrars in training or medical practitioners who do not qualify for Full membership or Fellowship may be accepted as a Corresponding Member. The Membership Committee expectations will be that the member intends to progress with his/her training in cosmetic medicine.