Membership Benefits


Through College representation you will have a voice to express how the cosmetic industry develops.

    You will:
  • Have industry representation when it comes to government lobbying,
    Be kept informed of and have access to a high standard of educational courses,
  • Have access and be encouraged to attend regular state CPCA CME meetings,
  • Have opportunities to meet and have discussions with other members in the field of cosmetic medicine,
  • Have an opportunity for mentoring and advice when needed,
  • Have free or discounted access to cosmetic magazines such as Cosmetic Surgery Magazine,
  • Have access to a library of professional articles and journals such as the Dermatological Surgery Journal, etc.,
  • Have access to discounted registration rates for annual conferences, and product exhibitions

We aim to provide the public with up-to-date information about cosmetic medicine and help them locate qualified doctors who focus on cosmetic procedures.

Full Members and Fellows are encouraged to use the CPCA logo. A part of our PR campaign is to inform members of the public to seek CPCA doctors.

A Corresponding Member of the College is not permitted to advertise that they are a member.
This is only allowed once a Corresponding Member has upgraded to a Full Member or Fellow.

    Depending on your level of membership, you will:
  • Be entitled to a post nominal,
  • Have the option to list your yourself and your practice on the CPCA website,
  • Have the right to promote your membership of the college via our logo and branding,
  • Have the right to vote on how the college is run,
  • Have the option to stand for election to the Board or be elected to a sub-committee or two.
  • Much more

Connecting Members

All members, no matter your membership level, will be entitled to join the CPCA’s Closed Facebook Group.

Being part of this group allows you to receive updates on CME meetings, training courses on offer, newsletters, information on conferences coming up and of course, you are able to contact other CPCA Members.

To read more on the benefits of this group, please click below.

Help grow and promote the college that promotes you.