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The Cosmetic Physicians
College of Australasia

Establishing and maintaining high
standards of learning, skills and conduct
from doctors working in cosmetic medicine.

Welcome to the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia. The College was incorporated in October 2014 and grew from an earlier organisation: Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia Inc.

The CPSA was founded in 1997, incorporated in 1998, and was the largest and longest-serving group in Australia representing registered medical practitioners who practise cosmetic medicine.

Why should I choose a CPCA certified doctor?

5+ years experience

Your cosmetic physician has completed six years medical school, and at least two years in public hospitals. Many of our cosmetic physicians have also gone on to work in emergency departments, ICU, psychiatry and all in general medicine before deciding on a pathway to cosmetic medicine. The work of a cosmetic physician requires a broad brush stroke of experience of human conditions. We commonly come across skin cancers, undiagnosed thyroid deficiencies, and other issues that sometimes masquerade as the cause of premature aging. Cosmetic injections and energy-based skin treatments do not come without risk, so it is essential to choose a cosmetic physician who is trained and experienced when considering a cosmetic medical treatment.

Fellowship-level training qualified

The pathway to Fellowship of the College is arduous. Only the most skillful and knowledgeable candidates succeed to Fellows of the College. Our examiners look for strong commitment to patient safety, excellent communication skills and passion to help patients soften the approach to the aging process. We believe that looking better, not different, is what our patients strive for, and of course, this is the sensible approach. Most of all, we understand the sensitive barriers that patients are faced with when the earliest signs if aging begin to appear. We understand the courage it takes to make those first steps.

Wide-ranging experience

Magazines and social media are full of ‘what’s new’, and ‘the best treatment ever’ type articles. When it comes to cosmetic medicine, new is not always better, yet scientific breakthroughs are important. Your cosmetic physician will know the difference. Your cosmetic physician will examine your specific concerns in-person because we know that a face-to-face consultation is Best Practice. We know choosing a cosmetic physician is personal, and there is no substitute for developing that special understanding and trust between patient and cosmetic physician.

Know you’re in the right hands for your
cosmetic procedures

Today’s cosmetic medicine market is complex and confusing. Consumers are overwhelmed by choice. They may be misinformed about a cosmetic practitioner’s skills and training, unaware of potential risks or lured by cheap deals. The industry has changed but standards of excellence must not.

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